تجربتنا لاول مره لحلبة التزلج ( ROLLER SKATING )

تجربتنا لاول مره لحلبة التزلج ( ROLLER SKATING )

are you coming? we are back with another video today we are making a Vlog as you can tell by the way I hold the camera anyways, let’s go and roller skate listen guys, since I’m waiting for my sisters let’s chat I remembered we just started 2018… 2018? my mind still in 2018 I apologize for this bad lighting, but I wanted to tell you 2019 has begun, hopefully it’s a year that filled with good things Idk what people usually say but… I got some goals for this new year & want to tell you one is to reach 500k subscribers on YT & I just launched my own merchandise finally, after a long time, you can find the link to that in the description down below check what I got for you there & will be creating more with T-shits, hoodies, & ect hopefully you like & that’s it that’s what I can think of right now for my goals this year I’ll think about more when I have time to do so chatting with you while waiting what else? that’s it I mean that’s what I all got let’s start our vlog girls we found one they are opening within 30 minutes while that, should we get starbucks as always? I mean it’s our routine to start with starbucks I had no idea you were filming let’s go. this phone lighting though… let’s go now I can’t see anything it’s so loud and crowded cuz it’s Saturday we’re gonna skate in a few minutes look at how crowd it is I’ve never tried the skates before I’m kind of nervous Idk look, I think it’s kind of hard to skate with this type of skates should I go first? – Go ahead Idk Wejdan & Deema where are you? I’m by myself skating of course, I’m a beginner at this and people are skating so fast passing me Idk how some ppl know I’m in YT, maybe because I’m holding a camera and they’re following me to be in the vlog where are my sisters? I lost them Do you wanna say Hi? she’s been following us for a while to be in the vlog! * she’s cute though* I stepped on the breaks yea right so easy! ( being sarcastic) look at this! how cute they announced it’s couples time and hold someone’s hand what couples? I’m here by myself we tried starting human train has there someone joined? someone’s joined! I’m done, I’m so tired and hot what? – I said it’s hot so we are leaving as you’ve watched this is our blog for today & what we’ve done now we’re home I enjoyed a lot there were many people who stared at me cuz they knew I was a youtuber the way I held the camera as in this : so I want to close up this video by telling you guys don’t forget to like & subscribe other than that I’ll be back with more vlogs that’s it this scream though who’s here? – Ohh my bun! – Your bun?

Antonio Breitenberg

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