Одуванчик / The Dandelion. Фильм. StarMedia. Фильмы о Любви. Мелодрама

Одуванчик / The Dandelion. Фильм. StarMedia. Фильмы о Любви. Мелодрама

STAR MEDIA Good evening! Happy New year!
Good evening! Ah! Good evening. Happy New Year!
Wish you all the best! Sonia, get down. Or you may fall. Mom! Get down, I said. Will there be fireworks? There will. A little later. You’ll see them with
the curtains like that. Well, don’t be upset. Get down, my Dandelion. I’m not upset. We have a New Year to celebrate… I love you. You’re my sweetie, my honey… This way. Like it? Of course. Put your Father Frost here. Okay. Mom, is he her father? No. And who’s he to her? He’s rather her grandfather. That’s pity… STAR MEDIA presents Here we go. The New Year is at hand. Shall we go? We shall, my darling. ANNA KOUZINA Don’t be so upset. IVAN STEBOUNOV “Happy New Year 1989!” Happy New Year, darling. Happy New Year, Mommy. NIKOLAY DOBRYNIN What is it? Don’t cry, please. It was a strange New Year celebration. It is why, perhaps,
that I’ve remembered it so good. ALEKSANDR MOKHOV We waited aunt Valia and uncle Igor, ambulance doctor and
mother’s friend, to visit us. ANASTASIA TSVETAYEVA But it turned out some
aunt Valia’s relatives from Vladikavkaz had come to visit her and uncle Igor called Mom
and said strange thing about his YELENA SAFONOVA trick with an alleged
duty hadn’t worked out. Mom went to the bathroom to cry
in order not to hurt her child. Then we started celebrating
the New Year together. I’ll see him tonight, for sure. You know, Dandelion, he comes
when no one sees him… Not Father Frost. My Dad! O my God… You told me it’s possible when
one is eager to, didn’t you?… He won’t come. He will never come. Mom would often say there
is some kind of curse on out family. All women from the Koukourovsry
lineage give birth to girls only. Such ones as me — pale
and not good-looking at all. And their fathers abandon them. This was the case with
my Grandma, and Mom. And I, when I grow up, will give
birth to a girl to raise her alone. But no miracle happened that night, and I
resolved to be the last one in our lineage. The one to ruin the curse. in DANDELION 16 YEARS LATER (Ad announcer): “RUSSIAN WAYS offers you
best audio, video and home appliances…” Good morning! Based on the novel “THE DANCE OF
WHITE DANDELIONS” by TATYANA TURINSKAYA (Ad announcer): “…Refrigerators,
vacuum cleaners, TV sets and video cameras are
at sale today with 10% discount…” Directed by GALINA KOUVIVCHAK-SAKHNO (Ad announcer): “…We are glad
to see you at our mall.” Screenplay by ALINA SEMERIAKOVA Ouch… I’m sorry. (Ad announcer): “…You’ll find 132
branded shops in our galleries,… …two ice skating rinks, a 5 showroom movie
theater for 2,000 viewers,…” Music by NIKITA MOISEYEV
Good morning! (Ad announcer): “… a bowling
alley with a bar,…” … an entertainment spot for children,
billiards, 8 restaurants…” Director of photography: ANDREY LISETSKY Oh! Excuse me! Excuse me, please! I’m sorry.
Good morning! Excuse me. Production designer: YEVGENIYA LISETSKAYA Sound supervisor: YEGOR IRODOV Morning! Morning! Take the ball, please. No, thank you. Executive producer: DMITRIY OLENICH Hey, miss! Take the ball please!
I’m married. Producers: GALINA BALAN-TIMKINA, VLAD RIASHYN Watch out! Are you hurt? You sure? Go ahead. Ah, my dear ones! Hi! That’s okay, you go. Hi! Hi! Sasha resembles you so much. He is. And Gera, probably, his mother, doesn’t he? Didn’t they tell you? Who? The boys? Yes. About their mother. They didn’t. It’s okay. She and I parted.
And now we have a boy band. How can that be? I’m so sorry. Well… You home address is the same? Yep. А couple of hours is enough? I think yes. Sonia, call me if whatever happens.
I’ll be in my studio. Yes, of course.
Okay. Hey, out there! Watch your steps! Rodie! I’m busy. ANTEY BANK? Aha. Cunning indeed. What shall I do with you? Perhaps, I’d marry you off? It’s not funny. Just look around: there are
so many pretty girls out there. It takes one’s breath! That’s it. ANTEY is done.
Dad, I don’t want Cinderellas. I don’t do charitable work.
I’m a businessman. Aha. And how long will it take? Have no idea. Look there:
this cake of soap’s here too. Well, I believe we’ll be off in
some fifteen minutes, will we? I believe in some ten. Perfect! Look!… Nice shapes! Ah, yes. See you. Ladies and gentlemen!
The City Hall represented by… By my well-nourished person… Is very glad to greet you at our Annual… Wait. Why so much officialism? We invited all people having
concern in our city. So to say, the city’s brain! The city’s brain bone! A scout camp indeed!
Don’t be a nuisance. So, we’ve decided that it is high time to award two special prizes
at out annual celebration! Ladies and gentlemen! They are
“Hope” and “Reliance” of our city. This annual award… It’s all clear about the “Reliance”. But today we are going to have
a pleasant surprise with “Hope”. Eh, Rodie? So, the honor to be titled
“Reliance of Our City” is awarded to Aleksandr Andrianov, CEO of ASTOR concern! Your applause, ladies and gentlemen! Yes! Congratulations! Thank you! Thank you!
— Here, take it. — Oh, may I? Yes… We planned that the “Hope”
and “Reliance” of our city will meet to stand together here
at our stage, as two atlantes. So, ladies and gentlemen, the honor
to be titled “Hope of Our City” is awarded to Semion Zeldov! Your applause, ladies and gentlemen! CEO of BREEZE company! Thank you! Congratulations!
Thank you very much! Congratulations! Here’s your prize. Well, now “Hope” and “Reliance” will shake each other’s hands
as friends! It’s for the press. That’s okay. That’s okay… We see “Hope” actually prevented
“Reliance” from falling down! Thank you. Ah! That’s a real handshake now! Friends! We see how “Hope” and “Reliance” will support each other in unforeseen
situations by mutual backing! Let’s get out of here. We do. Thank you! And our party keeps on! And now, meet
again charming ladies at our runway! Your applause! Look, she’s like a bomb…. Dad! Ah, yes! By the way, meet Semion Lvovich;
Semion, it’s my son Rodion! Nice to meet you. Dad, let’s get out of here!
Let’s go. Good idea. Dislike everyone around gaping
at me. But I’ll find my daughter first. Your daughter? Yes. A marriageable girl, by the way. Let’s go, perhaps,
she’s out there. Come on. Let’s go. “And he woke up in the morning and
understood his dream had become true: he became a real boy.” That’s the way. Yeah… Ellie! Mommy! Hi! Thank you very much! I’ve missed you so much, Mommy!
We’ve just finished with the fairytale. Come here. I want doll Raya. Do you? Tell “good bye” to Sonia. I’ll be waiting for you. Good bye.
Come on, let’s go. See you later. Koukourovskaya?! Is that you?! Zeldova! Larie! Long time! Hi! Hi! It’s beautiful! Just an ordinary. It’s only 2 carats in it. So… When? Don’t ask me. On Sunday. So soon? Very soon. Look, it’s just that the next year…
it will be a leap one. It’s very bad for marriage and business. Koukourovskaya, I need your help. Heaps of children will come to my wedding
party — it’s right in your line. Look, don’t get offended:
I’d love to, but I cannot come. I see. Wait. Come here. Let’s see what we have… Aha. This hair of yours… Have you ever tried
to conk it? Stand up. On the heels. Oh! That’s another pair of shoes! Well… Can you tell on what’s your fiance? Well, he’s… obsessed. Not with me, of course — with his business. You see, our marriage is the design
of my Dad: a kind of a business merger. And what about… love? Love… if you have money, you’ll get love. Cheers! To love! Hi! Mom, I asked you not to
touch anything, didn’t I? And I asked you to quit fiddling with
these papers and grow up, didn’t I?… These are not mere papers… Okay, let’s call a spade a spade: these
are not papers but your infantilism. This is your personal escape from reality! And THIS is your reality! Do you like it? “A Curse of Koukourovsky Lineage” or a blockbuster
“Fatherlessness” — coming soon in all theaters! Put the Grandma’s picture on its place. I won’t! I don’t want
to live like you do, Mom! I don’t want to be abandoned. It’s better to have no husband
at all, than… like this… I never… I’ve never regretted
about giving birth to you. I was invited to a wedding party. And I’m going there. Feel better now? Mom?! Where is it?! On the cupboard. (Ad announcer): “The shop of natural
cosmetics for body and face treatment located… Good morning. (Ad announcer): “…at the fourth floor
of our mall offers you beauty aids designed based on natural oils, herbs,
extracts from natural fruit and plants…” Excuse me. Good morning! “I love to hear her speak, yet well I know “That music hath a far more pleasing sound: “I grant I never saw a goddess go, “My mistress, when she walks,
treads on the ground…” Ouch! (Ad announcer): “… You are
welcome with your kids.” Yeah? What flowers? Ah! Then
buy them if you need to… Please, help with your donations to children orphans!
Hey, mister! Help with your donations… Oh! I’m so sorry! A souvenir for a donation! I’m not shouting.
Help with your donations!… I’m not shouting; it’s the way I talk, Dad. We’ve got a promo action! Okay, give it to me. Take off your hands. It’s not for my benefit! It’s not to you. I’m not saying
this to you. I’ll call you back. Excuse me. Come in, please. Thank you. Thank you very much. Good morning!
No, no, no. It’s okay. Come in. May I?
Aha. Thank you. Floor 4. Me too. Floor 7. I’m higher. Excuse me. — That’s okay. Here you go… What do you mean by “here you go”? Hey, Someone!! Guards!! Don’t shout. They’ll launch it in a minute. It’s all your fault. Mine? “Come in, come in, good mister…” Hey!! Bore! Goose! Are they sleeping out there
or what? Hey, anyone!! It broke because of your negative emotions. Shut up, please. Are you all right? Look, can I help you? Buzz off. It broke. Here are the stairs. I don’t feel like climbing to floor 12. What’s it with you? Eh?
Need something, do you? Hey!! Wait! Hey!! Someone!! Hey, hold on! Hold on, mister! Here put your head on it. Breathe. Breathe: in — out, in — out. What? Some water? Thank you. Thank you. What? I say: thank you. It’s odd: you’re a businessman
and you afraid of some elevator. It’s claustrophobia. Aha. No, that’s not. Why? It’s disgraceful! They’re too slow to fix it. When is it going to get fixed? Roger. The repairer is on his way. Over. Okay. What do you think
it is if not claustrophobia? Eh? Let’s be on close terms. Hear me? You, mister… You are afraid of everything. You trust to no one. All obey you and,
probably, are afraid of you — I’m not sure… And here we have nothing
but an elevator. Scary, isn’t it? I think it’s depressing
not to trust to anyone. You’ve analyzed me.
So, let’s talk about you. You… think you’re the only in your kind. The best. You think you’re
above all worldly things — above urge for success,
money and well-being. An angel indeed! But your life
is as narrow as this elevator. A small box stuffed with fairytales. Eh? And who is to be afraid? When a kid I was romantic too. My friend and I dreamed
of leaving for the North Pole. We broke up our piggybanks,
bought tickets and left. Escaped? No. My dad took me off the train
and explained the things very clearly. And Alex left, and now he works
at a weather station. Fool. Why fool? Imagine,
this door opens right now — and there’s nothing behind in. Void and only you, real you. So, what shall I do out there, so real one? Just live. I don’t know… There’s nobody to scare of
and nobody to frighten. And then you start hearing… Who? You. I think that’s the reason for people
going to the mountains. Ouch, damn it… My legs… That’s okay. Why shivering?
Don’t be afraid. That’s it, we go. I’m scary. Can I help you? Have a nice day. Wait! Wait! How’s your name? Don’t have any. A plot of land, 9,504 m2 of total area, leased under a lease contract
for the term of 49 years. The plot is rectangular, oriented
in parallel to the Peace Avenue. Landscape plain, the territory
is enclosed with a concrete fence. Grounds inside are asphalted. Construction of blocks o flats is under way
around it — in immediate environment… Don’t you really need an escort? Have you tried to burn
through paper with your look? I have. Well… Can’t we just pass it by? We can. But we cannot leave the jam. Wow! You? No. Not me. Hi. Hi. Good afternoon. Where’s the groom? Afternoon. Just a second. Larie!
— Yeah? — Where’s Rodie? Here, take it. Where are you going? I’ll be back in a minute. That’s the way. Yeah… And which part are you on? Me? And you? Bride’s. Well… I, in fact, was forced to come. Oh! What coincidence! What? I say, it’s beautiful. Why did you leave then? Eh… Did you want me to stay? It’s eloquent. I need to go. Wait. To be frank, I hate weddings. Me too. Then there will be two of us who hate them. Let’s go to suffer. Let’s go. Groom, put on the ring, please. And you, bride, put oh the ring, please. Ladies and gentlemen!
By the authority vested in me by “The Law of Marriage and Families”. I now declare about mutual
consent of Miss Larissa Zeldova and Mr. Rodion Andrianov
to become wife and husband. Dear Larissa and Rodion,
your marriage is declared registered! I now pronounce you husband and wife. Congratulations! Congratulations! Groom, you may kiss your bride. Dear Larissa and Rodion,
you’re husband and wife from now on. From now on, you will forever
be responsible for the one who entrusted his/her life and love to you. And, as a sign of love and concord,
take your wedding glasses, please. The first swallow means joy,
the second swallow means happiness, and the third swallow means love! And now, ladies and gentlemen,
it’s high time for a kiss! Now a kiss! Now a kiss! Now a kiss! Now a kiss! Now a kiss!… Wait a second… Champaign? Some alcohol. Will you? Champaign? No, thanks.
We don’t drink. Will you kiss me? That’s a bit too thick! And my Dad’s got a Maserati! So what? What? Young ladies love Maseraties! Young ladies dislike
being treated like that. Dad needs your advice. He’s got an idle land plot,
50 hectares. In a good district. Nikitin can help with the subcontractors. Let’s talk of it later, will we? It was too fast! Congratulations! May you live happily! I should have said it. Why? What for? I’m nobody. Don’t get offended. Please… O Jesus! Just shut up! You… Damned elevators… I hate them!… I forwarded an offer from Dad to you. Aha. Will you look it through? Aha. Come here. Aha. Adrianov! What? What?! You’re having
a honeymoon, aren’t you? I’ll do it. Wait… Wait a second… That’s it. It’s Pasha. About the estimate. I have to answer. You know who you are?! Damned workaholic! I promise to compensate it. Buy a Pasternak! Miss, you considered
a Pasternak edition in there. Buy it from me. I’ll sell it cheaper. Oh, thank you. My Mom’s looking for his works.
Look here. A Pasternak is on the offer. How much?
300. Oh, no!
If you don’t like it… Eva? Hi. Hi. Mom, shall we go? A second. You can take it for free. How “for free”? Come on. I see an island! Well done! Everyone! Now go to search
the lost treasure! Forward! Hurry up! What? Want to have a baby?
What? Hi, Koukourovskaya! Nice costume!
Okay, go to your work. It’s Sonia, remember her?
She was invited to our wedding party. Who? Sonia. Here. Take the bags.
Watch out, Bear! It’s expensive! Now, everyone shows me the gathered jewels! I have found an elephant!
What a beautiful elephant! I have found nothing… And I have found a money tree! Happiness is not about money. Why? My God! Why are you dawdling? Well… And now you may keep
all you’ve found! — Hurrah! Hi. Hi. How are things?
I’m okay. What are you gaping at them? Come on. And there was…
Look here. Look. A luxurious portrait might be! – Really?
– Yep. – You’re just flattering me.
– Not in the least! Switch the channel, Mom, will you? I too want… to have a bit of celebration. Then have it, I don’t mind.
But a bit quieter. – A visitor to see you?
– No… Mom? Eh? Look here. It was left at the door. A gift… Who from… From a secret admirer. I mean it. What? I do have them, in contrast to some ladies. Are you saying I don’t have them? Eh, Mom? THIS is what you wanted to say,
didn’t you? All right! Where are you going, Sonia? Hi. Hi. How are things? A wrong time? Oh, no. It’s okay. Come in. What a surprise! Let me help you. Thanks. I wanted to phone first,
but then decided not to. Are you alone? Yep. Don’t take off your boots. Come in. Like it? It’s so fresh! Is it she? Yes… She’s beautiful. How do you make it? We just make it. It’s three of us, right? Sonia, that you came today… I just remembered you. Damn! Are you waiting for someone? Oh no. No, I’m not. It’s okay.
You just should have called me before. It’s my ex. We just haven’t
changed the flat yet. Look, wait for a while
in this room, will you? Please. Just wait a bit. That’s right. It’s okay. Dad, it’s so freezing out there! – Come in, boys. It’s so warm in here. Take
off your jackets. – Mom, I can’t do it that fast! Good boy. Give it to me. Hi. Sonia! Good afternoon. – And we have a guest.
– Really? Yes. Irie, meet Sonia,
a kid animator from the mall. She brought presents
for us as regular customers. Nice to meet you. Thank you for your job. You know, I should be going. Sonia, stay with us! Stay please! Should you? You can stay with us for dinner. Sonia, will you play with me? – No, not now, darling. I should go now.
What good boys!… – It’s pity! Yes, they are. See you. See you. See you. Mom, can I go with Sonia? I’ll open the door. It’s open there. Mom, where are our presents? We’ll ask Dad about the presents. Dad! Sonia! Damn! Sonia! I’ll call you! Don’t even dare! So, we’ve got four months
to get all things done. Will you cope? It’s tough, but… But possible. Isn’t it, Bear? We’ll do that. I’ll look through
your project again tonight. Tonight? I’ve checked two or three land plots,
so one of them, I believe… Don’t worry. We’ve already
seen them: they are perfect. – Have you?
– We have. Together with your father-in-law.
That’s what we need! Good! Dad will be glad to know. Dad… Of course. We need to talk in private,
will you excuse us? Come on. Excuse us. What? Come on. Did you get offended? Offended?! Look, you didn’t see the
plot did you? You didn’t. Dad has perfect 50 hectares out there. Hectares! Don’t you understand I haven’t checked
this land, do you? Why the hell you come in? Let go of my hand! You know how’s this called? A “set up”!
And who did it? My own wife! Wife? Oh, come on! I’ve forgotten! So, we are having a romantic
dinner tonight, aren’t we?.. A threesome one! You, me and your laptop! And you’ve made good
friends with my credit cards! Yes, I have! It’s only pity they
cannot be used to pay for… love! I never knew that Bear with so much
of capacity has so little potency! It’s!… What are you waiting for!
Go run to your dad. Have do doubt I will. I will come
to you house never again! What a loss indeed! Go and fiddle with your laptop! Weakling! Good evening, miss. Are you unwell? No, I’m not unwell. I’m terribly unwell! Are you sick? May I see your ID? Well, well, well… Sophia. An artist. Draw cartoons? I do origami. I see. Take it. Hey! Who’s gonna pay? — It’s okay… Asshole! — Stand still! Careful! I make no trouble to anyone! Hey, mister! Wait a minute! — What? Hey, mister, do behave yourself! Hey! Wait! He’s with me!
Excuse him, please! He’s drunk a little too much!
Things happen, you know… Envy me! Okay, take him away out here! Excuse us, please. – Sophia!
– Yes? Your ID! — Thank you! Give him hot tea! Drive now! Pass by! Pass by! (Reading): “Sonia,
I’m at the summer house.” Good morning. Morning. Have it. And what are you doing here? I live here. Ah! Ouch! And what am I doing here? And we had… No. You sure? Absolutely. Oh!… Have it. Hemlock? Senia, Senia! Why are you rushing about?
You’d better sit instead. Just stop badgering me! Okay, okay! I will. – Senia…
– Why are you standing here? Why?! Go check whether she’s awake now! Go! Jesus… – Lara!
– What?.. You awake?… Aha. Good morning. Good morning, Mom. How are you? I’m okay. It’s time you go. Your wife’s
going to worry about you. She won’t. It’s time you go, anyway. But I can finish my tea, may I? Ouch! What? That’s it. Gastritis. I would have died without you yesterday. Eh? She’s proud. By the way, I have never
saved anyone in my life. Just tried once and it was
enough for the rest of my life. Did you? Yes. I did it. Honestly. When I was a kid. On a river.
The Kozinka, know it? Aha. Well. I was some 12 then and… My parents and I went for the
riverside for the weekend… many people from town
used to come there. Yes… Well, I made an acquaintance with a girl… she was tow-haired… Beautiful… So, we were swimming and having fun… Then I was distracted and turned away… But when I turned back — she was gone… I dived to find her;
I was calling for help… I almost choked with water. Some of adults jumped in…
searching for her too. But when she was taken to the surface,
she… didn’t breathe already. I rushed to her, but my dad grabbed me
with both arms and pushed into the car. To bring home. And her? Drowned. She did. I was crying for weeks then, blaming Dad. Poor thing. You’re strange. Her suffering was short. Lara left home. Lara! Lara! Good morning, Dad. Morning. Poor girl. Careful. Did it spread out? Zina, off you go. Off with you. Here. Call. Who to? Rodion. Dad, no. Personally I view this wedding with
Rodion to have been a great mistake. If Boria hadn’t left, — if you
hadn’t sent him away then… The water’s getting gold.
Okay, Dad, just go. To hell with your Boria!
Boria! Boria! Boria! Dad!? It’s him! He himself decided
to leave for the UK! To have a study course!
To hell! Hear me?! Damn him! Dad, let me go! Here. Call your husband! – Dad! He’s no longer my husband!
– But I definitely know he’s still my son-in-law! – What is that?
– Read it. Dad? How in pledge? All the company? Our home? Now you got it? Call him! Are these yours? Yep. Beautiful. Ouch! What? Do you know him? No… He’s just… Hey! He left. He did. It’s time you go. Where to? I don’t want to. Are you a little boy? You’re a businessman. It can’t be found it now. No, it cannot. Let us go for a walk? Where to? Don’t know. Just out. Come on. What? Mom’s a funny one. It’s not a season for the summer house. I don’t have to… Me too. No one owes anything to anyone. We’re in the elevator. Remember? Hallo! – Hallo? Rodion, is that you?
– No, it’s not him. And who’s that? – Who’s me?
– Yes, you. I’m Prokhor Petrovich. What Prokhor Petrovich?
Call Rodion! Hallo?! Hallo?! So… Wait. – This corner goes here…
– Let me help you. No. I’ll do it on my own. – So…
– And?… He left. And?… Yes, he did… He left and
abandoned everything. We wrote to him, and called him… No… No. No, no. That’s it. It’s time. Yes… No. It’s time. No, I don’t want to! That’s it. That’s it. Yes, that’s it. Leaving.
I’m leaving. That’s it. You go at last. Okay. I’ll be back like the wind. Button up, you wind. That’s it. I’m off. Wake up everyone! Life’s full of wonders! A fire? No, ma’am, it’s not. Good afternoon! Good afternoon… What are you waiting for? Come in. I’ll explain everything.
Don’t do that to me. Just don’t ever do that, Dad. Swine! What? Rodie, hey, darling. What is this, eh?
Called my parents to help? I was scared at home alone. At home? I’ll go and seat — I may not… Packed your stuff? Not yet? Don’t shout, please. This means “no”. All right. Then I leave. Look!… I’ve looked through the papers.
The plot is perfect. You can sign them without a doubt. Can I do things on my own, eh?
Without any advice? Really? Well, if you’re
so fully fledged now, then I may hope my grandson
will have a father, can I? What grandson? I wanted to tell you… I was searching you, but you disappeared.
It’s 5 weeks already. Congratulations! Yes, Rodion? Hi. Where are you? I cannot come tonight, you know…
I’m snowed under with work…. Ah… Will be in the office all evening long… Yes, of course… I’ll call you when I’m free. Of course, don’t worry. Aha. Missing you. Me too. Here you go. Sign here and here. Congratulations, gentlemen! Rodion, will
you allow me play the master for a while? – Feel free to.
– Natasha, please. Jesus, what I am doing? Rodion Aleksandrovish, here.
It’s just been delivered. Your number has been restored. Good. So, Koukourovskaya,
you can congratulate us. Rodia and I will become parents soon. I’m very happy for you.
How will you name the baby?… Well, it’s too early
to think about the name. You visit us some time. I will. Yeah, by the way… What’s this? A man found it near your house.
Isn’t it yours? No, it isn’t. So, it’s not yours. And the husband is not yours!
He’s mine, got it?! Wow! Boria! Good afternoon! – Good afternoon! Come in! Welcome.
– Thank you. – You’re a real dandy.
– Thank you. This is for you. – For me?
– Yes, for you. You shouldn’t have… Thank you.
These are Lara’s favorite ones. That’s right. Come on, make yourself comfortable.
I’ll find a vase for the flowers. All right. Sonia! What?! Sonia what’s it with you?!
Sonia, what are you doing?! Come here! Calm, calm down!
Quick! Quick! My God! O my God! You’re silly little thing. My little foolish girl. Calm down…
It’s all right…. Desserts are coming soon. Son, why aren’t you playing? Got out of the game, mom. Got out. I think they should live at
our place for the first month. Oh, let them not, you know. Let them live
independently. Long nights, lots of concerns… – They help in becoming closer.
– What helps in becoming closer? Nothing. We’re just talking. – Look, let’s come in. I’ve got chilled.
– Let’s come. Here we are! Hi everyone!
So, what’s the situation? Cards? Who, where and how? Of course! I’ve won! Rodie is sad. He got cut to bits. It’s your move. Drop some wine for me. Will anyone drop some wine? Young leafs, my word… It’s good you’ve come. I’ve missed you so much! You didn’t want to leave.
You were forced, weren’t you? I was. You’ve been
wasting no time while I was off. You’ve got married and waiting a baby. There is no baby. For now. How “no baby”? Are you crazy?
Wait. Wait. I cannot do it like that. There’s your father in the next room. By George, Lara, why
is it so complex with you? I’ll tell to no one. I’ll live with the husband,
and the baby will be yours. You’re insane! Why?…
Why have you married him? All we have is in pledge. All of it! The company, the house,
the property… Everything! – What are you talking about?
– My Dad’s bankrupt! I need this child! Help me, please! Silly one. Rodie! You know, I lost so much in the game,
just like you. I know it. I love you, Dad. Rodie, what is it with you? I’m all right. Everything’s just fine. That’s it. It’s over. You need to just live on. What for? Well… The car key… What is that? It’s for the kids. Who from? Bear. Wait! Wait! What’s this? Take this. Good luck! How you feel, Rodie? Stiffen with cold? Stand up.
Come on. Now try on this. You’ll wear this. It’s not Moscow, you know,
such stuff is out of fashion here. Come on. Get warmed. Get warmed.
You of all people! An office worm indeed. So, some tea? Or a bit
of a stronger beverage? I see… Tell your story. What shall we do now?
Jesus! What shall we do now? Senie, life’s coming to ruins… Jesus! Tell me, miss. How do I find Sonia
from the children’s ground?… Sonia? See that girl? It’s her. Thank you. Sonia! Sonia! What? Come here. Wait a minute. Come here! Wait, where are you going? Good afternoon. Here. He’s come to see you. Talk to him. Thank you. Hi. Are you following me? No, Sonie… She’s as hard as a rock. When you left… She was crying long hours.
Every night. I’ve remembered it. I made a mistake then. I hurt her badly. Yes, you abandoned us. No. I’m not blaming you. It’s our karma. All women from the Koukourovsky lineage… No, Sonia, no! I didn’t abandon you. You didn’t? – Mom!
– What? Is that true? What? It was you who drove off Dad? O my God, why? All our family skeletons were taken
out of all cupboards that night. That’s it, Mom… My Granddad met some
other woman after the War ended… He returned home never again. – All right.
– Your suitcase. Grandma never married again,
but she forgave Granddad. Mom didn’t. It was then that she invented this
“curse of the Koukourovsky lineage” about only girls are being born in our family
and all of them growing up without fathers. These fancies gave her consolation. She was about 30 when she met my father. And in a year I was born. After that my parents quarreled often. Mom watched his every step,
being terribly jealous. And one day she just packed the stuff,
took me in her arms and left. Left, without leaving any address… Well, excuse me, Sonia.
I’m unable to go any further. Thank you. Good luck. See you. Liosha, it’s open! Liosha! Sonia… Hey. Hey. I came to… thank you. Come on in. Why are you standing there? Take it off, take off the coat. – Thank you…
– Wait, wait… For… you trying to save me. On the river, when a kid. That girl was me. I’m telling something odd. Okay, come on… take it off. Sonia! I thought you’d want to know… Sonia… I’ll leave now. I’ll…take some
rest and leave… I was missing you so badly… That’s it. Come on… Take all
of this off. Come in! Do come in! My dream has come true. I was the last woman
of the Koukourovsky lineage. I broke the curse that never existed. And in a month I delivered a son. That’s the end of the story. The End.

Antonio Breitenberg

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99 thoughts on “Одуванчик / The Dandelion. Фильм. StarMedia. Фильмы о Любви. Мелодрама

  1. Anna Grinevica says:

    Красивая сказка, очередная…

  2. Шолпан Байда says:

    Спасибо 😥😥😥. После таких фильмов , понимаешь , что ещё есть хорошие , добрые , чистые ЛЮДИ

  3. toxicwaste920 says:

    The film is VERY good! Thanks! ))) though, this actor Ivan is very emotionless! I've watched a couple of his series 1st Odnolyuby, just not a very good actor. Good film though!

  4. Галина Я says:

    Нудновато немного и игра актёров не на высоте!!!!

  5. Vladimir Prezident says:

    Хороший фильм,заставляет задуматься,ребятам предстоял долгий путь к своему счастью.

  6. California / Belarus by Liliya says:

    Соня, главная героиня- испортили волосы актрисе.
    Прическа – пакли на голове. Кто делал эту прическу – надо уволить навсегда с работы.
    Прическа ужасная портит весь образ главной героини.

  7. California / Belarus by Liliya says:

    Актриса которая играет Лару натуральная блондинка – её почему то очень плохо покрасили в черный цвет. Что то с прическами героинь в этом фильме переборщили.
    Портят все впечатление.

  8. California / Belarus by Liliya says:

    Странные фильмы – отношения завязываются весь фильм и вот наконец то завязались а тут уже фильм End.

  9. Наталья Лельхова says:

    добрый фильм.спасибо

  10. Асемгуль Сагандыкова says:


  11. Лариса Игловская says:

    Спасибо за фильм😃Посмотрела с удовольствием☺

  12. ramina balana says:

    krasivij film….

  13. Анна Сандырева says:

    Обалденный фильм!

  14. Don McNeil says:

    Thank You Again ~"Star Media"~ You Guy's and Gal's have provided so many wonderful Russian Movies We can now enjoy due to You're sharing them with English Subtitles. Wonderful Actors and Actresses, Loved this one..

  15. irina ruzanowa says:

    Ох уж эти, сикельдушки.

  16. irina ruzanowa says:

    Ни от сумы, ни от тюрьмы НИКОГДА не ЗАРЕКАЙТЕСЬ!

  17. Исмаил Сейдуллаевич says:

    Странный фильм в стиле 80 годов

  18. Tatiana Lavreniuk says:

    оператор снимай издали что ли шею ужасно старой тетки а не девочки да и руки или свет дайте ей больше…

  19. Залина Ворокова says:

    а можете посоветовать фильм типо про богатых и избалованных парней которые влюбляются в простую девушку.

  20. Gamik Gamik says:

    Владикавказ))))) мой родной город)))

  21. Verona Smirnova says:


  22. Лапушка Зайчик says:


  23. Nicoletta Ciccone says:

    Some people are undecided of what to do in life, thanks God when they got marry no little ones were involved and because she is a rich woman she divorced him fast and at the end the man and Sonja were happy, nice story spasiba

  24. Romeo S says:

    классный фильм 👍👍👍👍👍и запись чистая аж приятно смотреть

  25. Алиночка Бабенко says:

    класс очень нрав

  26. Ala Koutser says:

    очень хороший фильм, советую посмотреть

  27. наталья рогова says:

    редкостная нудятина

  28. Иощмшоалраг Ршдпщопгп says:

    не понравился…

  29. Zeinabi Gugunava says:

    Последнее время только и вижу фильмы и репортажи ,где страдания нескольких поколений несчастных и неудачных женщин возмещается одной единственной ,последней представительнице рода и читаю поучения ,что жизнь дочери важнее собственной.Для Господа всякая жизнь бесценна и неповторима,и воздав одному не искупаются страдания причиненные другому.Первое,что родитель доет дочери это честь и имя.А отняв этого ,разве можно мечтать о материнстве? испаганили человеку жизнь и так оставьте в покое,как и было вами же присуждено в порыве несправедливого гнева …

  30. Svetlana Bogdanova says:

    волосы у неё,просто гнездо одним словом,можно было как лучше сделать,,игра кошмар ,прям нервы на пределе,,не понравился,можно было интереснее снять

  31. Жан Жан says:

    скучный фильм.

  32. Melinda Next says:

    Актёры никакие

  33. Наталья Кузнецова says:

    Как зовут красавчика в главной роли?

  34. Бейбут Баев says:

    фильм хорошый так себе,про любовь,девушка Соня красивая. Советую посмотреть.

  35. 123 456 says:

    стебунов просто красавчик, но с Анной не смотрятся!

  36. Алихан Сатыбалдиев says:

    хороший фильм, спасибо Вам.

  37. nurass zhienbek says:

    классный фильм

  38. Карина Ярахмедова says:

    А в каких фильмах участвует Иван Стебунов

  39. Тендик Дюсенбаева says:

    хороший и добрый фильм

  40. cергей сергиеня says:

    кино которое заставляет задуматься зачем мы живем на земле. спасибо за кино.

  41. maria2012v says:

    Хороший фильм !  Спасибо !

  42. Serial says:

    вечно задумчивый Иванушка Степанов. "Я такой особенный, никто меня не достоин"

  43. Мария Петрова says:

    Трогательная сказка!

  44. Yanna Yanna says:


  45. Pipec says:

    просмотрев на Вашем канале 3 фильма разных жанров. Понравились! Подписываюсь и жду новинок! 🙂

  46. Elena Chemogina says:

    "ты лучше всего…" режиссер тоже, наверное, а англиях учился как и крутой главный герой

  47. Elena Chemogina says:

    До какого же отчаянья и безденежья нужно дойти, чтобы актрису, сыгравшую в "Зимней вишне", заставить участвовать в этом бреде. Бедные, бедные актеры старой настоящей советской школы…

  48. Lena Steinbach says:

    Большое спасибо за то что есть такие добрые и честные люди в которых ещё есть тот добрый лучик света.

  49. Евгений Налимов says:

    Супер фильм!!!

  50. Елена Шайденко says:

    Очень хороший фильм

  51. Надежда Бондарева says:

    Фильм понравился, необычный, но интересный.

  52. Татьяна Лунева says:

    После такого светлого фильма веришь в чистые человеческие отношения

  53. Kharlygash Akhmetova says:

    фильм понравился,рекомендую посмотре ть

  54. Алена Бондаренко says:

    гавно фильм! нудный капец!

  55. Innocent Nsofwa says:

    Хороший фильм

  56. Oliusia J says:

    Ну очень примитивный сюжет…

  57. Tolyan Tukanov says:


  58. Playground dolls says:


  59. Ольга Чёрная says:

    Веришь в то что такая девушка как Соня поехала за любимым .

  60. Таня Павловська says:

    Кіно супер клас

  61. Ludmilla Kochanow says:

    Как она узнала,что он на Полюсе? Что он от жены все же ушел?
    И как она,приехав,сказала:" Я посижу и уйду"?!??? на Полюсе!?
    И родила она прям там что ли?
    В общем, конец замяли совсем глупо

  62. Лаура Досова says:

    Что за волосы

  63. Валентина Холодилина says:


  64. Maryam Eliyeva says:

    Мне понравился этот фильм. Просто замечательный.

  65. New Geo says:

    У его жены глаза косые, забавно, что в актрисы пошла…. Ещё и плохая игра…..

  66. ДИЛЯ Нургыдыр says:


  67. Света Даутова says:

    Спосибо Вам, что. ВЫ покозые доброе. фильмы

  68. Света Даутова says:

    И хорошие дедективы

  69. Света Даутова says:

    Спосибо Вам, я сейчас не хожу, спосибо Вам, что помогпете, посмотреть хорошие фильмы.Спасибо.

  70. Ирина Горшкова says:

    Пустышка. Ходульный сюжет. Надуманная сказочка, для девочек подростков. Стыдно господа, так опускать интеллект!

  71. izuminka9 says:

    слащавая мутотень

  72. 가마안아라 says:

    Фильм вообще не очем, скучный…зря время потратила(((

  73. Никита И Настя says:

    Дяденька который книгу продовал такой хороший а когда ему с окна крикнули эй мне его так жалко стало!😥

  74. Никита И Настя says:

    Классный фильм!

  75. поделки оригами says:

    Классный фильмец

  76. Tomiriska Iriska says:

    Классный фильм походу

  77. Ирина и Ирина Алексеева says:

    Сюжет высосанный из пальца девочкой лет 14 или недалекой тетки лет 60. Ну просто сахар с медом.

  78. Little Liese says:

    Очень странный фильм и название вообще не понятно откуда и к чему???Есть намного интереснее фильмы а это….дамс….если юъбы знала, то не стала бы время тратить.

  79. МАМСИКИ says:

    Кто ищет добра и сказки) Стоит посмотреть. Легкий, не замысловатый фильм, согревающий душу.

  80. alena nidhi says:

    шикарный фильм!

  81. Аня Ткачук says:

    Какой же приятный и легкий фильм .(⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃ А после его просмотра становится хорошо на душе . Очень всем советую его просмотреть нежный такой .(^=◕ᴥ◕=^) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  82. Супер сімка says:

    Чудовий фільм я дивилась з великим захопленням


    Уазик везде проедет. 20см снега?

  84. Галина Середа says:

    Спасибо, очень понравился фильм. Соня такая нежная и волшебная.

  85. Элин Кулик says:

    Замечательный фильм! Актёры и сюжет и режиссер- отличные!Спасибо за море позитива и надежду на счастливую любовь.

  86. Доктор says:

    Какая нудьга, ужас просто. Хватило на 20 минут

  87. Кот Мот says:

    Ваня Стебунов просто супер


    Фильм понравился – Любви вам всем – ЛЮБВИ!!! С п а с и б о всем создателям фильма!!!

  89. Юлия Профатилова says:

    Кто знает,где можно найти главную мелодию??? Особенно в конце -гитара. Плиз срочно

  90. Lorhen says:

    Сцена про гастрит и кашу, чтобы время задержать, напомнила замечательный фильм Приходи на меня посмотреть. ТАм тоже есть такая сцена.

  91. Lorhen says:

    Тягомотина. Бедненький сюжетец. Смотреть всем до 25. А если и после кому то интересно, значит взрослый инфантелизм. Фильм снят за неделю, ну за две. Мне одной кажется что гл.герой на Хабенского смахивает?

  92. Виталий Виталиниус says:

    У Золушки вроде сначала этаж невысокий( видит близко отца внизу), потом высокий ( по лестнице бежит с высокого этажа), а потом особняк в модерне… 🙄 но в остальном хорошо. Бывают ситуации похлеще и у очень богатых. Лично встречал. Не позавидуешь…

  93. Natalia Venguer says:

    Не люблю эту кривляку « зимнюю вишню»

  94. Nadiežda Revutienė says:

    Спасибо за хороший фильм!

  95. Елена Пирмухамедова says:

    спасибо за сказку!

  96. Irina Vladimirskaya says:

    Фильм замечательный! Но что-то со звуком! ((( Какой-то треск постоянно на протяжении всего фильма… Особенно, если в наушниках… Хотя и в колонках тоже… Очень мешает смотреть… (((

  97. Татьяна Александрова says:

    Не теряйте время,господа

  98. Анатолий Викторович says:

    Офигенное сыграла естественно лучшая роль у нее

  99. Zinaida Yu says:

    Уже 2раза посмотрела к/ф "Одуванчик" – спасибо всем создателям маленького шедевра! Решила посмотреть все фильмы с И. Стебуновым.Господа режиссеры и продюсеры! Почему не замечаете И Стебунова? Ю. З.Б.

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