Мабрук | Mabrouk | Школа роликов RollerLine

Мабрук | Mabrouk | Школа роликов RollerLine

Hello to everyone! My name is Sergey, I am from “Roller Line” skating school. And today we will be learing a freestyle slalom element called “Mabrouk”. “Mabrouk” is a “criss-cross” forward, then turn and “criss-cross” backwards. How to do “criss-cross” forward and backwards? We have a video about it, link will be attached below. For a start, let’s try to do a small exercise. We will be calling it “half-circle”. It looks like this: In fact, this is just a turn around the cone. But do not forget two important things: 1) We never lean forwards, we keep our back straight. 2) We never perform with straight legs! That means we should not look like this: We are not stepping, but SQUAT DOWN – PUSH AWAY – TURN. The most important point here is that we do pushing with the heel of our foot (in my case it was left foot). But your other foot performs the push with the toe area. The push I make is so strong, that my right foot heel and left foot toe lift off the ground. This happens naturally, you should not do it on purpose. We show you this to get the idea of a strong push. Now let’s get started with the main element. We do an ordinary “criss-cross” movement forward: Next, we find ourselves in a position called “tick mark”, and do what we have been practicing before: We make a “half-circle” with our skates, go into this “tick mark” position again, but now with our back facing forwards. After that we perform our familiar “criss-cross” backwards. We know how to do it alredy. Next, we have to make the same leg push as we did in the “tick mark” position, that means – we were pushing and turning backwards, and now we do it with our back facing forwards. Afterwards, we repeat all the elements. Please, try to do everything slowly at first. I mean – we skate forward, then here we give a leg push. Skating backwards, giving a push, skating forwards. And only after this you can start picking up speed. Please, DO NOT FORGET about your knees (like when you performed a simple “criss-cross”) and keep your arms around shoulder-height. Actually, we should keep our arms raised during all slalom performance. Your arms should relaxed, without muscles under tension – we should not skate like a wooden log. We just keep them on this level for better balance. Many skaters ask: what kind of turn they have to make for “Mabrouk”? The answer is: ANY! ANy turn is good for “Mabrouk”, just do it. You have to achieve a strong turn: from the front to back and from the back to front again. It doesn’t matter what side you turn to. This is completely up to you, do how it is more comfortable for you. SOme people use “shoulder help” technique. In fact, you can try this technique too, but I would not recomend to use it too much. Otherwise, you might deal with following problem: If your “shoulder help” is too strong, then you will always go off the line. That is why “shoulder help” must be not the primary factor of your turning, it should be secondary. I mean, mainly use the power of your legs. To sum up: today we have learnt one slalom element called “Mabrouk”. The main componets of it are: “criss-cross” forward, the turn and “criss-cross” backwards. And, please, don’t forget to hold your arms in a raised position. We do not stress-fill them, but just keep the here: И также не забываем работу наших коленей, поскольку это обычный слаломный элемент. The end. We have finished our lesson.
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Antonio Breitenberg

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