Have u ever eaten okroshka from a plate of ice ? This is not an ashtray Imagine if it melts now – Everything will be smeared on the tray Guess who came to us ?? Andy came to us We arrived at the restaurant, and Asya is at work today Today we’ll have dinner, and on Saturday we’ll celebrate Asya’s birthday together We have big plans , later u’ll see them in the video which I’ll share with u And here Alice is sleeping Already awake This restaurant REEF isn’t bad It’s located above the sea, at the 12th fountain station, and there’s a panoramic platform with sea views It looks like a plate This plate is made of ice I’ll eat okroshka and will throw ice into a cocktail If the ice melts, then the okroshka will pour out Very tasty as at home Alice, ask dad : What do u eat there? U eat all the time! Uncle arrived Very good uncle *Yuliya on behalf of Alice* : I’m still small I don’t know how to wave Hello ! In the shell of pike caviar, I never tried it This is certainly not snail caviar Alice and we will eat pike caviar Will we ? Us brought cocoa with marshmallows Cool , I love it Sit closer ’cause u can pour something thing on yourself Alice and I are waiting for pizza Are you offended ? Right now there will be suluguni in pita bread for Taya, and pizza for us Look at the cocoa What does dad eat? I eat okroshka from an ashtray Bon Appetit Hello everyone, we arrived at Shevchenko park, for about 15 minutes We want to see a promotion from Raffaello, where opened a free skating rink, but not with ice Just roller skates , as i understood Ordinary roller skates, but instead of ice – plastic I understood . But if it’s free, then there are a lot of people, and most likely we won’t go there And after that.. We also met Andy After that together with Andy we’ll go to Luzanovka ‘Cause Andy hasn’t been there for 6 years We got to the place Like in winter Taya decided to ride, but only for a short while. We need to go to Luzanovka We change shoes and will ride Alice too ? Alice will be in baby carriage Andy decided not to ride today Sure Andy ? Alice wont ride either And in summer it’s easier to skate Well, the champion went on the ice Taya ! Is in winter easier? Easier In winter is much better Do you ride backwards? I’m so uncomfortable, I don’t like such skates And then I remembered the Russian proverb This despite the fact that I skate well About animal on ice Here’s another one I rode well in winter Ice queen How is it possible ? I rode great I love other skates I had to take my skates Come on come on you’re a champion Taya , stand up U beat your knees now I rode well in winter U beat your knees now , Taya Attempt number 2 Unhook the side and try to walk calmly This plastic is very uncomfortable And the skates are uncomfortable And if u watch the winter video, u ll see that I ride well Something always hinders a bad dancer In winter u didn’t skate Another skater A babysiter In winter many times better That’s all , we go to Luzanovka Who woke up? Do you want to ride too? U got shorts It’s visible only Taya’s shade Did u like it ? We walk We’re no longer in the pram, Alice has been there for a long time We already went for a walk The sea Alice Gennadievna is out of sorts . “Gave to uncle!” Dad, take her, she’s already crying Men as children Gena runs with a stroller from the mountain, and I say, “She can roll over” I say “The carriage can roll over,” and he runs *music* Junk food Let’s go Today in Luzanovka is a very quiet, evening sea Very quiet, calm And we are walking And eating goodies No wind, quiet and calm And not hot, super After the rain, the weather is super We went to dinner at a Ukrainian restaurant, but ordered pizza It is called “Ukrainian cuisine” “Ukrainian dish” – pizza Taya Us brought a pizza Andy whispers something to himself I love this song We’re falling asleep Alice burst into tears, maybe something hurts Alice usually sleeps on the street, behaves well And today she shouted a lot Doesn’t let mom to eat pizza Thx for watching up to this moment

Antonio Breitenberg

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