Алина Загитова Олимпиада 2018 Ровно 2 года❤️Alina Zagitova Olympics 2018 Exactly 2 years

Two years ago Zagitova
debuted at the Olympics. February 12 marks two
years, as a Russian woman Alina Zagitova made her debut
at the 2018 Olympics. She won an arbitrary
program with the result 158.08. Ahead of more than 20
points to an American Mirai Nagasu. Canadians became champions
Russians are second. Through 11 days skater, whom
at that time was 15 years old won the olympics
ahead of compatriot Evgeny Medvedev at 1.31
point. In the short program Alina
became the first with the world a record (82.92), and in an arbitrary
showed the same result with Medvedeva (156.65). Friends let’s all together
remember how it was.

Antonio Breitenberg

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